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Kenneth McKenna (Los Angeles, CA)

"I do not hesitate to recommend EDD Tile & Marble Design and its principle, Fawaz (Ed) Sharifi, to any homeowner needing top quality construction and stone work. EDD has performed extensive services on my property in Los Feliz, both interior and exterior. Those services include installing a limestone floor (over 750 square feet) in the kitchen and dining room of my home, granite countertops for the entire kitchen, and a new floor in my son's bathroom, and construction of an entirely new exterior masonry staircase and entryway for the front of the property and other masonry and stone work."

"In each case, EDD’s work has been top quality, remarkably fast, and on time and on budget. EDD's prices have been reasonable. The finished product is elegant, with complete attention to detail. EDD's subcontractors have in each case been excellent, pleasant and friendly - and well supervised and directed by Ed personally. EDD has been a pleasure to work with, a real standout among Los Angeles contractors."

Brock H Summers, M.D. & Paul A. Romero (Sherman Oaks, CA)

"It is with great pleasure that Paul and I recommend the construction and stonework services of EDD Tile & Marble Design. His company provided us with the highest quality workmanship and literally transformed our new home into something spectacular. We contracted Fawaz (Ed) Sharifi's company to do severa, large scale projects for us including laying over 3,000 square­feet of stone floors and planters, as well as constructing an above-ground swimming pool. Each project came in on budget, on time and was completed perfectly to our satisfaction. Mr. Sharifi's estimated installation price was competitive and was exactly what we paid for the work. His crew worked six full days a week without fail. They were clean, punctual and courteous."

"One aspect that we truly appreciate of EDD Tile & Marble Design which separates his company from others who have worked in our home is Mr. Sharifi's constant supervision of his crew. He came on a daily basis to discuss the work with us and return at the end of the day to follow their progress. EDD Tile & Marble Design was recommended to us in September of 2003 by the owners of Garden Temple Fountain Store on Ventura Boulevard. They were thrilled with the work he did for their company. We have also recommended Mr. Sharifi's work to friends and family."

Rod Sellard (Studio City, CA)

"I have worked with EDD for many years. I have seen Edd grow over the years while maintaining the workmanship and commitment to schedules that we as designers impose on our cubs. Ed and his excellent crews of installers at EDD has helped to bail out many of my own projects by doing what was necessary to complete a job on time."

"I would highly recommend Ed and EDD to anyone needing any type of stone installation or fabrication. You can also see my companies web site to see even more projects EDD has completed for my company."

If you have any questions about our services, please call us at 818-266-8071.

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